ZoN Balance Board
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Achieve the right balance in your workout, just as you do in your life with the ZoN BalanceBoard. The ZoN balanceboard provides an ultra-efficient, low-impact workout that enhances your level of functional fitness, develops your core muscles, and improves your coordination and core strength. The constant motion of the board will challenge and engage every muscle, giving you more definition while burning calories. Strengthens hamstrings, quads, gluts and calves. The non-slip surface and solid pivot point make it an appropriate fitness tool for beginners to advanced participants.

  • Includes one 14" diameter Balance Board. Non-slip surface for solid footing. Improves coordination and motor skills that you use every day Supports up to 200 lbs. Lightweight for maximum portability. Suitable for all fitness and skill levels. Package includes Instruction Guide.
  • Manufacturer: ZoN

ZoN Balance Board

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