Golf Ball Muscle Roller - 8 Ball
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Golf ball muscle roller, Golfball muscle massger 8 Ball


 Improves flexibility, recovery, performance, injury prevention 

 Helps to eliminate muscle soreness tightness before/after workouts

 Can be used for myofascial and trigger release therapy 

• Used by all ages each morning to relive stiffness which will make you feel better all day


 Unlike other rollers the center spindle is made of steel. It will not bend allowing the user to be able to apply greater pressure and get deeper into muscles.

 Unique golf ball design helps give deeper more pin pointed pressure than any other roller on the market, each golf ball acts as a different pressure point

 Adjustable hex nut which allows to adjust space between golf balls to users preference 

 Less bulky than traditional foam rollers and takes less effort to get deeper into muscles 

 Easily carried in a gym or athletic bag

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Golf Ball Muscle Roller - 8 Ball

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