ZoN AB Wheel Roller
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Roll your way to a solid midsection and a trim waistline with the ZoN Exercise Wheel. The ZoN Exercise Wheel is designed to build strength in the abdominals, arms, shoulders, chest and back. This handy wheel also helps take inches off your waistline. At the gym or in your home, the Exercise Wheel is an easy to use piece of exercise equipment, that can be used by beginners as well as experienced fitness pros. Dual rolling, non-slip wheels and comfortable, no-slip grip handles allows you to concentrate on the development of the core muscle groups. Depending on your level of fitness, the "roll-out" exercise can be easily modified from easy to intense.

  • Great for core training as well as arms, shoulders, upper and lower back, butt and upper legs. Molded plastic disc wheels are non-slip for stability. The molded grip, easy glide handles allow a smooth and comfortable workout. Easy to assemble. You'll be ready to roll in minutes. Suitable for all fitness and skill levels. Package includes Instruction Guide.
  • Manufacturer: ZoN

ZoN AB Wheel Roller

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