ZoN Weighted Jump Rope
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Push yourself to the limit with an exceptional exercise for building cardio and muscular endurance. The ZoN jump rope can help you develop aerobic fitness, while toning your legs, arms and enhancing overall balance and coordination. Designed with an extra-long, solid PVC rope and easy-grip foam padded handles with ball bearing pivot joints. Each handles weighs 1 lb. to add intensity to your workout. There’s simply no better way to a healthier body than combining strength, agility, coordination and endurance.

  • Durable, solid PVC rope will withstand hour after hour of use.
  • Anti-tangle bearings in the handles for non-stop jumping.
  • 1 lb weighted handles enhance workout.
  • Lengthy 10-foot rope accommodates a variety of user heights.
  • Suitable for all fitness and skill levels.
  • Manufacturer: ZoN

ZoN Weighted Jump Rope

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