ZoN Wrist and Forearm Roller
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Using the ZoN Wrist and Forearm Roller is an effective way to work your forearms and wrists to improve grip strength, and to increase strength in both the extensors and flexors of the wrist (muscles in the forearms). Useful for developing strength for everyday activities, the wrist & forearm roller is an essential tool for sports like baseball, golf, boxing, martial arts and tennis. When performing the exercise with arms at shoulder height, the chest, shoulders, upper back and abdominals will also be involved. Perform the wrist rolling exercise with palms facing up or down for a well rounded forearm workout

  • Bar is made of steel with EVA Foam hand grips.
  • Nylon cord is securely attached to weight plate holder and hand bar.
  • Builds forearm strength, wrist strength and flexibility and increased hand strength.
  • Suitable for all fitness and skill levels..
  • EVA foam grips provide a comfortable, no-slip grip.
  • Manufacturer: ZoN

ZoN Wrist and Forearm Roller

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